Friday, 20 November 2009

Christmas spirit is here...

It's still November, but I'm already dreaming of Christmas. Yesterday, my husband and I went to take back my framed pictures and I saw beautiful Christmas decorations. You may ask why I am so surprised! I've lived for about 2 and a half year in Turkey and it's going to be my third Christmas and it's the first time I see really beautiful Christmas tree decorations on sale. As I'm going to Lithuania next week, I was planning to get some decorations from over there, but how pleased I was to see those glittering factory and even hand made decorations. I'll definately take some photos of them when I go to buy them in December and I'll show you!!! Wonderful!!! And really cheaper than I remember they are in Lithuania.

In the photo you can see my last cross-stiched picture of Christmas trees. It's going to be a present for my friend. We have a kind of funny story about decorating her Christmas tree three years ago. So it's a sort of way to say I'm sorry for those three bottles of champagne and a ridiculously looking tree!!!

Wish you lovely spirits...
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